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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 6, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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nts are upset after a student used a bb gun to threaten their children on a school bus. the weapon was confiscated. derek valcourt explains what happened. >> reporter: we are talking about some really young kids, between 7 and 10 years old. they had a bb gun pointed in their faces. >> reporter: these two young brothers say a bully confronted them with a bb gun as they rode the bus to school. >> he told me to shut up or he was going to shoot me. >> i was asleep. and i woke up. that's when he had the gun in my face. he was like, where is my money at? >> reporter: the frightened boys were not harmed but reported the terrifying incident to their principal at grove park elementary. school officials investigated and learned the bb-gun-wielding boy attended nearby arlington elementary, which shares the bus route. at first, school admin strairtds couldn't -- administrators couldn't find the bb gun.
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but later, a school custodian found it hidden in the basement. >> reporter: for their part, school fors say the student who brought the gun was disciplined. >> i just can't grasp the fact that my children were put in that situation. [ crying ] and i trusted these people with my kids. >> reporter: the boy's mother is outraged with how the school and the bus company handled the situation yesterday. >> anything could have happened yesterday. those children had nowhere to run. and the person who was supposedly on the bus to protect them failed. >> reporter: other parents just as alarmed to learn about a bb gun on the way to school. >> how can you learn when you're full of fear and it's violent like that. i want to know, what are they going to do so that doesn't happen to anyone else's child? >> reporter: a school spokesperson reports that the school bus monitor who was riding the bus that day did report the weapon to the principal immediately. but it's not clear right now why that bus monitor did not confiscate the bb gun immediately on the bus.
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live in northwest baltimore, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> derek, thank you. under the school system's code of conduct, punishment for bringing a bg gun to school can -- bb gun to school can range from suspension to expulsion. serious charges are now filed in that incident. mary is in the newsroom with the latest on what happened. >> reporter: a prisoner was being treated at st. joseph's medical center, when he allegedly went for an officer's weapon. 30-year-old brian dargon is now facing attempted second-degree murder charges. after the officer's gun went off, grazing her in the leg. she did not need medical treatment. are the officers quickly subdued dargon and no one else was injured. dargon is treated for an undisclosed reason and will be served with a warrant once he's released. >> thank you, mary. dargon was originally arrested for burglary. city police reach a milestone, taking their 1,000th gun of the year off the streets. despite the accomplishment, the
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bloodshed conditions -- continues. wjz is live at city police headquarters. mike hellgren digs deeper into the challenges ahead. >> reporter: and we're talking about lives here, vic. city police said they will continue to focus on gun crimes and violent offenders. the mayor said it is no cause for celebration. but it is an accomplishment she highlighted. >> reporter: this is the 1,000th gun taken off the streets of baltimore this year. the mayor and commissioner held a press conference, trumpeting the accomplishment at the crime scene. >> we are, again, relentless in our pursuit, to make sure that every neighborhood in our city is a safer neighborhood. and that baltimore becomes one of the safest big cities in the country. >> i wanted to see 1,000 cases solved. >> reporter: daphne alston knows firsthand the impact of gun violence. her son was murdered five years ago. she councils with -- counsels with other mothers like her throughout maryland. >> i'm so proud to be a mother of tireek alston. because tireek has changed.
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we're changing the face of this crime. >> it's that close to you now. it's no longer somebody else's backyard. it's right here. >> reporter: within hours after the police announcement, there were four separate shootings across baltimore, including one in edmond son village, most of the victims were young men in their 20s. >> we count to see, is the commissioner going to do a good job? the mayor? who is going to do a good job? it's not one person's responsibility. >> reporter: city police is dealing with what the commissioner called a slight rise in crime issue has started extensive foot patrols which they credited with that gun. >> horrific moment when someone broke into their house and broke into the home. >> reporter: daphne alston believes solutions run deeper. >> you have to come out. and you have to see what your children are doing and co where they're going. that's the bottom line. >> reporter: and the number of murders so far in the city this
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year has surpassed that of last year. reporting live in city police headquarters, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. vic? >> mike, thank you. police arrested 19-year-old quincy holmes in the 1,000th gun arrest. they say he broke into a home and tried to assault the woman inside. sex abuse charges against an aide at the maryland school for the deaf in howard county. they say 27-year-old clarence taylor, inappropriately touched three girls when they were students. it happened between 2010. he is now suspended. issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. political reporter pat warren was at the courthouse where the first license was issued. >> reporter: that's right. it is an historic day. clerk of courts of baltimore, frank conaway, says he's going to make special efforts to make sure everybody is accommodated. >> reporter: jesse webber and nancy eddie were among the first couples to apply for a license in baltimore this morning. >> by the power vested in me,
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by the state of new york, i now pronounce you married. >> reporter: the same-sex marriage movement in maryland got its biggest boost from new york, when governor o'malley last summer took a page from new york governor andrew cuomo and sponsored same-sex marriage legislation. and i believe that new york showed you could do those things. you could protect religious freedoms and you could also protect rights equally. and that's what we're going to do. >> reporter: after the bill was passed and signed, it stalled until winning voter approval last month. and an attorney general ruling has licenses being issued now. so couples can marry the empty it becomes law, january 1st. joann king is one of those soon to be newlyweds. >> means the world to me. moo and my girlfriend, we have been together for 15 years. ask she's been on me about getting married. and we're going to get married new year's eve. >> reporter: clerk of courts frank conaway says he will do everything he can possible to
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help the couples. >> we can't do anything until january 1st. but i'm going to see if the court wants to open on new year's eve. i'll be here. and at 12:01 to get married, i'll be happy to do it. >> reporter: no word if anyone is taking him up on that 12:01 a.m. wedding time. i'm pat warren, reporting. now, back to you. >> pat, thank you. couples who married in other states cannot marry in maryland, as long as their out- of-state license is valid. well, the winter chill is back in the air. let's take a live look outside right now. the warmer temperatures are a pleasant memory. don't forget your winter jacket fist you're heading out tonight. bob is turk is in the weather center with the updated weather forecast. >> you bet. it is chilly. but not enough in the way of wind. we have clouds moving in. right now, we're down to 35. 35, ocean city. and freezing 32 out in oakland. 41 the warm spot over in washington, d.c. now, tomorrow, low pressure to the west of us will pass to or west, which
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means ahead of it, mild air. a lot of clouds. could be rain in the afternoon and evening. to the north, a little colder. a little freezing and drizzle is possible. could see a little light freezing trizle before it warms up. but we have warmer weather coming for this weekend. we'll have those numbers coming up. another sure sign the holiday is here. we're about an hour away from the lighting of the washington monument. sky eye chopper 13 is over mount vernon right now, where preparations are under way for the lighting ceremony. and you can probably see down there, crowds are gathering for the fun. we're live on the ground, too. jessica kartalija with more on the excitement. >> reporter: well, vic, it's always exciting. some people say they come year after year, and they look forward to this being their official start to the holiday season. and then we were just over talking with some people. and it's the very first time they were here. and they are loverring every minute of it. we were here when crews started
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setting up this afternoon. take a look. >> reporter: the unofficial start to the holiday season gets under way in just a few hours. >> 41 years we have been doing the monument lighting. it start out as at simple gathering of neighbors around the monument. and it's grown into this fireworks and laser extravaganza. >> crews prepare for some 5,000 people who will fill the holiday village here in mount vernon. >> full-color lasers. you'll see laser beams over your head. and beautiful colors tonight. >> the monument is 8 feet tall. and covered with 16,000 l.e.d. lights. >> it got chilly. i definitely bundle up once the sun goes down. but it's going to be great. >> the lights on the monument change every year. at this point, it's a surprise. will they be light or multicolor? >> there are 19,000 lights, l.e.d. lights. and all of the lights together use less energy than one strand of the old lights. >> reporter: but for the fourth year in a row, the entire monument is green.
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>> reporter: now, people are just starting to get off of work and making their way up here. there are many smooth vendors. many of the stores in the area are staying open late. now, vic, you guys still have time to get down here. the official lighting and then the fireworks display, all happens at 7:45 this evening. we're live in mount vernon. i'm jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> okay, jessica. save us a spot down there. >> you got it. >> 7:45. >> uh-huh. >> later than usual. we could get down there. >> yeah. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. out of the hospital the. but how is she feeling? the latest on kate middle ston's -- middleton's extreme morning sickness. and what students are accused of doing at penn state. i know you might have thought it was haloti nata. >> i'm mary bubala. howard county's executive gets the beltway battle going as he issued a challenge to prince george's county executive as the ravens and redskins meet up
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in a rivalry next. and a chilly night on tap. stick around for the updated first warning forecast coming up.
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it is partly cloudy. 35 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. another blow to penn state's reputation. and this time, it is delivered by a sorority. though not on a huge scale of
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the sandusky scandal, alex demetrick reports a party photograph has launched a fresh wave of criticism. >> it has students at penn state saying things like -- >> stupid. inconsiderate more than anything else. >> it's a photo of a party by the sorority, which made it to the web. not just the costumes. >> and i don't cut grass, i smoke it. drug references that brought criticism from some latino organizations, especially with 50,000 dead. in mexico's drug wars. the marijuana jokes reviewed could be offensive. >> it was like a halloween party dressing up. but then they went to the signs. >> reporter: this comes on the heels of the 40 to 60 years jerry sandusky was sentenced for sexually abusing children. that tarnish said the legacy sandusky helped coach. and brought sanctions on the
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team and a $60 million fine to penn state. the photo brought a quick apology from the sorority. >> you're at a university, it might help you to study a little more. the person who taught me spanish is actually from mexico city. she doesn't have a mustache. she doesn't wear a sombrero or a poncho. >> alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, the organization that oversees the sororities and fraternities at penn state called the drawing derogatory and is investigating the incident. triple a says the average for a gallon of gas is down from this time last week. analysts say prices should fall in the coming weeks as the demand increases. here in maryland, paying average of $3.50 a gallon. now down to $3.36. still we're paying about a dime more than this time last year. it's being called the beltway battle.
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and lines are being drawn before sunday's big beltway battle between the ravens and the redskins. mary joins us now with more. >> reporter: howard county executive has chose know ad -- chosen a side and issued a challenge to his coirnt part -- counterpart in prince george's county. >> reporter: ken ulman delivered his challenge in his ravens jersey, to prince george's county rashid baker, who governs deep into redskins territory. >> when we come down to fedex field and beat you this sunday, you will take my favorite jersey, my haloti nata jersey, and you will wear it in the office on a purple friday. >> reporter: ulman is also doing a little trash talking, saying he's sick of hearing all about the redskins new quarterback, rgiii. >> rgiii. >> ulman and baker will be at sunday's game between the ravens and redskins on fedex field.
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maybe not equaling the rivalry. >> it would be kind of crazy if we had a raven ofs -- ravens- redskins super bowl. it's going to be quite the game. it's not going to be any different than last week. it's going to be a slug fest. >> baltimore leads the rivalry. ravens defeated the redskins, 20-17. three years later, they beat us, 10-3. but in our last two meetings, the ravens have won, 17-10. and in 2008, 24-10. ravens' wide receiver tory smith grew up in virginia, watching the redskins. and some of his extended family are redskins fans. >> i got a the love text messages. we're going to beat you down. but it's been fun. i'm looking if order to it. >> reporter: as far as ken ulman, he is awaiting baker's response but if the redskins win on sunday, ulman has already agreed to wear an rgiii jersey all day in the office
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monday. >> it's going to be a good game, mary. thank you. you don't want to miss all the excitement for the beltway battle this sunday, see the ravens take on the redskins this sunday. then it's the post game coverage. sports director mark viviano, wally williams, and stan, mary, marty bas will -- bass will bring you analysis. >> it's going to be mild sunday in d.c. mid- to upper 50s. maybe a shower in the afternoon. but the game will go on. >> i bet it will. okay. let's take a look at temps and conditions around the region. feels more like baseball weather actually. 35 degrees now. it is cold out, with no wind. dew point is down to 23 degrees. and barometer is on the way back up now. come back and take a look at friday and a warmer weekend after this.
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and welcome back, everyone. a chilly night here in mount vernon. but a very exciting one, too, as the lighting of the washington monument gets under way in just a short time. speaking of washington, the president lit the national tree tonight. along with michelle obama, first lady. and his two daughters, sasha and malia. everyone getting into the holday spirit. we'll have much more, live in mount vernon, coming up in just a little bit. but as i mentioned, it's chilly
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out here. i'm going to send it to bob inside with the forecast. bob? >> it is chilly, yes. if you're heading out tonight, anywhere, make sure you have gloves, hat, whatever. because it will be cool. not a lot of wind to deal with, thank goodness. but it is chilly. take a look at temps now. down to 35. actually warmer out in western maryland. 36 in oakland. clouds out there. 35 ocean city. the warm spot over in washington. 41 degrees there. right now, locally, mid- to upper 30s. school spot there, columbia, here at the airport. bel air at 36. light winds now. more of a southerly wind will bring in a warm afternoon. we've had very warm air. let the warmup begin. a little rain that area of precipitation is moving to the
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north and northeast. we'll see some clouds on the increase. not a lot of rain with this system. but it's going to kind of hang around throughout the weekend. along with mild temperatures. so it will be well above normal. but risk of widely sat r scattered rain. not looking for a lot of rain. but it won'ting really sunny for a long period of time. beginning tomorrow. so we're looking for a lot of cloud the, as you can see. plenty of clouds. a little light rain to the south. but it will be mild ahead of that front. 62 in memphis. chicago, 44. bismarck, 36. 1 degree warmer than we are. that just shows you, the really cold air, staying up in canada. literally, just north of the border there. 17 in pin peg. and edmonton is 7 above zero. so cold air eventually, that's going to break loose and head down to the central plains. maybe in 4 to 5 to 6 days, could be some really cold air
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down here. now, it may take a while to get to the east coast. but we're expecting a big change perhaps in maybe 10 to 12 days, it could get quite cold here. and who knows about precipitation. meantime, cold temps here tonight. but tomorrow, as the warm air begins to head back in, we warm back up. milder temps. and they also help to create some more showers throughout the next several days. south winds on the bay, bringing mild air in. and having that front, 5 to 10 knots. bay temp, around 47 degrees. so tonight, increasing clouds coming in later. 31 then going up tomorrow to the low 50s. but a lot of clouds and a few showers in the afternoon. also, a few showers possible tomorrow night. the best chances of rain actually to our north and northwest. and if it starts early in the morning, places in pennsylvania and some of the valleys to the west could see a light bit of freezing drizzle before it warms up. so that's something to look out for. some of the colder valleys out to the west of us.
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>> thanks, bob. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. you're heard of drug smuggling. but dinosaur bone smuggling? the secret to this black market business. new interest in the twist of the saga for computer expert wanted in the questioning for a murder. a man accused of pushing someone off
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it's just before 6:30. partly cloudy. and 35 degrees. good evening, everyone. and thanks for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. guatemala denies political asylum to john mcafee, the anti- virus software. as bigad shaban reports, he has
6:28 pm
been on the run for weeks, but the security giant was undone by a tiny piece of technology. >> reporter: software energy engineer john mcafee came to guatemala for asylum, but was taken into custody for entering the country illegally. he gave an interview before he was arrested. >> i am here and i'm now going to speak out, and i'm going to speakute big-time. >> reporter: -- speak out big- time. >> reporter: mcafee had been living in biliz, supported by the billions he made from the anti-virus softswear. -- software. >> it was a convenient thing for them. next door neighbor got killed. now we can blame him. >> mcafee went into hiding. he posted blog entries and this photo. that was the tech guru's ironic undoing. a hacker located mcafee in
6:29 pm
guatemala, through gps embedding in smart phone data. >> in some of the dat adepending how the phone is set, is going to include the location. >> reporter: belizian officials deny seeking mcafee. there is no warrant for his arrest. and it is unclear why he would seek asylum. >> the family and neighbor of gregory fall said his murder has gotten lost in the manipulation of mcafee and the press. a new york train. for the first time, mary is in the newsroom with the latest this gruesome case. >> reporter: 30-year-old yeaim davis was held without bail on the murder of a 58-year-old man. but davis said he is not to blame. he said he was defending himself. and at least one witness said the victim was aggressive toward davis, getting closer and closer to him. prosecutors say davis pushed ki
6:30 pm
su han into the path of the oncoming train. han's death is getting widespread attention because he was photographed and no one seemed to come to his aid. >> han's wife said she had argued with her husband that morning and that he had been drinking. davis will be back in court next week. baltimore county police identified the 62-year-old man killed in a house fire. investigators say william spencer died in the fire in the 5600 block of sweet air road early this morning. firefighters had to shuttle water to the scene because the area is not served by fire hydrants. two firefighters suffered minor injuries. the cause is under investigation. anne arundel county police are looking for the suspect who burglarized a tobacco store. take a look at the pictures of the suspect, who was wearing a hockey mask. police say he took an undisclosed amount of money from the tobacco and gift empoaferium -- emporium in glen burnie. then fled the scene in this vehicle. if you have any information, you are asked to call police.
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president obama takes a short time from the white house to go to virginia today, to meet with the middle class family that will feel the impact of the fiscal cliff. as danielle nottingham reports for wjz from washington, outside, groups are turning up the pressure for congress and the president to reach a deal. >> representative maloney. >> reporter: lawmakers are gettingang earful about why they need to avoid the so- called fiscal cliff. >> you gotta nail this down. uncertainty is killing us. >> reporter: top economists came to capitol hill thursday to talk about the impact of tax increases and government spending cuts on the middle class. >> a couple thousand dollars means a couple months rent. for this family. >> reporter: the white house has made clear, the country could go over the cliff if republicans refuse to raise taxes on the top 2% of american earners. >> for them to be burdened, unnecessarily because democrats and republicans aren't coming together to solve this problem, gives you a sense of the costs
6:32 pm
involved in very personal terms. >> reporter: republican leaders say they will close loopholes and eliminate tax breaks to raise money. but insist that bush-era tax cuts must be extended for all americans. >> reporter: the standoff and the country's skyrocketing debt, concerns ryan shenecki. ♪ [ music ] ♪ so much so, that he's the guy in the can suit, dancing gang thisnam style with the cochair, former senator, allen simpson. his group, the can kicks back, is working to get young people involved in fixing the debt crisis. >> we're trying to get our generation involved in a different way. we're using humor to get them to understand how this issue affects their lives. >> reporter: the grass roots want to sign up more than 2 million people to put pressure on both sides. in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, former senator simpson said in know an interview this morning, that the deal must include new revenue and
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spending cuts. time for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. get information on do it yourself spaces for artists around baltimore. the significance behind patches some of the navy players will be wearing saturday in their game against army. and how the ravens plan to slow down rookie quarterback standout robert griffin iii in the beltway battle. for these stories and more, remember to look for the forecast, in wjz's first warning weather team. kate middleton is out of the hospital, where doctors had been treating her for severe morning sickness. monica villamizar reports with the latest from london. >> reporter: the duchess of cambridge smiled, as she made her first public appearance since the royal family announced she is pregnant. she and her husband, prince william, left the london hospital, where kate spent three nights for severe morning sickness. if the duchess was still feeling symptoms, she didn't show it. she told the press she was doing much better.
6:34 pm
kate was bundled up to guard against the cold and to protect the royal bundle of joy. >> it's a great end to a great year. so i think everybody in the uk will be very excited. >> kate is going to take it easy here, at the couple's home, kensington palace. they canceled all of her public appearances for the weekend. >> definitely exciting to see the future queen or king. >> reporter: prince charles, soon to be grandfather said he is thrilled about the baby. >> very nice thought to be a grandfather in my old age. so that's splendid. and i'm very glad my dawtlez is get -- adult is getting better. thank goodness. >> reporter: medical experts say the extreme vomiting kate has could extend through the pregnancy. in london, monica villamizar, wjz eyewitness news. >> prince william is likely to get some time off from his royal air force job to care for
6:35 pm
kate. but he will have to return to work at some stage. annual lighting of the monument in mount vernon. jessica kartalija has more on all the excitement. jessica? [ no audio ] [ no audio ] >> okay. so sorry about that. jessica is having difficulty with her microphone down dollar. we'll check back with her. complete wrap-up at 11:00. >> we'll have it in a few minutes, i know. christmas miracle. troubled skies. major problems for the huge airplane, known as the dream liner. heavily armed police officers at the funeral in chicago. the latest on tz surge -- the
6:36 pm
surge in violence in the windy city. clouds and milder air on the way back. i'm have the -- i'll have the exclusive first warning five- day forecast. and wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories on at this hour. for updates on all the day's news, and the updated forecast any time just log onto
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we called out our electronic elfs. jsesica -- jessica is at the lighting. she's now with lardarius webb there. jessica? >> reporter: yeah, those elfs must have been redskins fans. they were messing with our mike. >> they had to be. >> reporter: ladairis, you said this is a total honor. >> it s. i feel just so privileged for baltimore. for downtown. the guys that are out here. and they're so passionate about it. and i just feel privileged that they chose me to be the one to light it. >> reporter: so do you know, like have you been practicing? do you flip the switch? >> i've been walking around the house and flicking on every switch in the house. >> reporter: that's really good. all right. so speaking of walking around and rehabbing and flipping and getting that exercise going, how are you doing? >> i'm doing fine. i'm doing great. we have the guys in the locker room. they keep my spirit up.
6:40 pm
they joke around. and they keep me feeling good. so when i go in and rehab, i have a positive mind. >> reporter: you realize what an impact you make, when off the football field, they want you to be the head guy at an event like this. how special is that to you? >> it's special. but i just embrace the kids. i embrace the community. i feel like, you know, i'm in a spot where i can give that. that's my job. my duty. i feel like i was on the field to show them positive things. so i try to go out and just let them see me firsthand. >> reporter: good. well, we all hope that you stick around for quite sometime. we love having you. thank you so much. and congratulations again. what an honor. >> thank you for having me. >> all right. have fun. flip that switch. all right, guys, back to you on tv hill. >> santa, ladairis lardarius webb. what an evening for you. >> i know. >> we'll have a complete wrap- up at 11:00. a tough new stance for
6:41 pm
chicago police when it comes to funerals for gang members. they have been ordered to treat church services as gang-related activities. officers were out in full force, and carrying automatic weapons at the funeral for 21- year-old sean miller. last week, miller was shot on the steps of a church, while attending the funeral of another gang member. boeing's new 787, dream liner, has been called the airplane of the future. but as mark strausman reports, it has been a bumpy ride so far. >> reporter: when united airlines became the first u.s. carrier to add the boeing 737 to its fleet last month, it looked like clear skies ahead for the next generation aircraft. but this week, there have been a pair of setbacks as wong plane was forced to make -- one plane was forced to make an emergency landing in new orleans. and federal aviation administration issued anured that -- an order that all be examined for fuel leaks. >> erone will have some problems in its initial production.
6:42 pm
>> reporter: united said the emergency landing in new orleans tuesday was caused by the failure of one of six generators. and the 787 never lost power. the generator has been replaced and additional tests are being carried out, before the plane is returned to service. united also said that it has checkedault -- checked all three of its liners for fuelec leak -- fuel leaks and no problem was found. it is made of composite materials that make it lighter and more fuel-efficient than traditional jetliners. >> this is an aircraft, which in fact, tremendous engineering, research, development, has gone into. and it is a safe aircraft. tremendous redundancies. a very advanced aircraft. >> reporter: but the pathway to the future has not been easy. there have been a series of production delays. the plane was delivered three years later. and there have been issues with the plane's engine. mark strausman, new orleans. >> and united is the only u.s. carrier using the 787 dream
6:43 pm
liner right now. >> bob says he's going to hold off until they get all the bugs worked out before he buys his. >> buys had -- has? maybe he'll take us for a ride. scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up on the cbs evening news. >> we'll have the top stories around the world. plus, riding high thanks to a football team that just can't seem to lose. that is tonight on the cbs evening news. >> and here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back.
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well, the brief, spring- like break that we enjoyed is over. the temperatures are back. a live look outside right now. how is the weekend shaping up? bob is in the weather center with the updated first warning forecast. we won't get back to 70 again. but it will warm up again this weekend. way above normal. looking at friday, with a lot of clouds. maybe a little rain can break out in the afternoon or evening. it will be close to 50 or low 50s, we think. by the weekend, even warmer. but a risk of scattered showers saturday. probably again sunday. 61, 55 sunday. back up to 60. and a shower or two, maybe some thunder monday before it clears out. and the temperatures back in the 40s on tuesday. denise.
6:47 pm
>> all right, thank you, bob. they roamed the earth more than 65 million years ago. and the public has long had a fascination with dinosaurs. but as chip reid reports, in some corners, that has led to an illicit and lucrative market in smuggled dinosaur bones. >> the tarbasaurus, seen in this artist rendering, is formidable and very valuable. in may, this skeleton, discovered in the desert, was auctioned off for over $1 million. but there's a problem. >> in mongolia, if you find a dinosaur fossil anywhere in the country, it belongs to the people of mongolia. this skeleton is in the united states illegally. >> reporter: smuggled, according to federal prosecutors, by eric procopy, a self-described commercial paleontologist. he is accused of trafficking in prehistoric fossils, like this
6:48 pm
duck-billed dinosaur skeleton, sold at another auction for $95,000. in october, they seized 400 pounds of fossils from his home and obtained pictures of procopy digging up and removing dinosaur bones in mongolia. he runs a business called everything earth, which boasts of selling dinosaurs to anyone that wants one. >> in fact, there's a global marketplace for the sale of these illicit fossils. so you're talk about a trade that is millions and millions of dollars each year. >> reporter: he told the government this morning, the government fossils were stolen, but we have a different view of how the law applies in this case. >> and just yesterday, a dinosaur skull, seized in washington state, was linked to a smuggling ring. >> you get one. but then where do you put it? >> on the mantle. >> that's right. still to come on eyewitness news. there's a sense ever urgency around the-- of urgency
6:49 pm
around the ravens this week. >> mark has ♪ ♪ ♪ if loving you is wrong, i don't wanna be right ♪ [ abrupt record scratch, music stops ] what!? it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, 100% whole grain oats... and that sweet honey taste. you can't go wrong loving it. bee happy. bee healthy. [ female announcer ] find your favorite and fall in love with the great taste of cheerios.
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all right. the beltway battle. mark is here with the wjz the fan sports report. >> more ups than downs. but here they go, dealing with
6:52 pm
this. yeah, they suffered that stunning loss to the steelers. now home onto washington, where said redskins are favored over the now underdog ravens. a losing streak is pretty much unheard of for baltimore. you have to go back three seasons to find the last time the ravens lost consecutive games. this year's team is still in second place. still in good position to make the play-offs which would be the fifth year in the row. but they say there is added reason to practice hard. they have a history of bouncing back. losing streaks are rare for them. >> probably a little extra urgency after a loss, for whatever reason. i don't know if it's a bad thing or a good thing. but we are. we're always cool, calm, collected and confident around here. >> it's never a good feeling when you lose. ue of but it's the way you take the loss. but i always take the approach as, what are you going to do, get better or worse from it? and we have been that kind of
6:53 pm
team to find a way to bounce back after a loss. >> trying to bounce back from injuries as well. linebacker terrell suggs participated in practice today. he's wearing jersey number 4, while haloti ngata wears suggs' number 55. suggs says its status for sunday will be a game-time decision. linebacker dunker eleby is still out with an injury. ravens, beltway. you can see it here. coverage kicks off at 1:00. i'll have highlights and ravens reaction. plus, matter, mary, stan and former raven, wally williams with analysis and big feature ahead. here on wjz. steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger. team announced it will be healthy enough. ravens beat it this past
6:54 pm
sunday, with third string, charlie bat. >> it has been a week of bargain shopping. today, they picked indians minor league pitcher, t.j. mcfarland in the draft. this comes after they came to terms with nate mccloud. so no blockbuster deals. which makes them wonder if the team might be being too complacent after they finally hit a play-off season for the first time in years. speaking today, gm dan duquette reiterated, it is not his plan to blow the budget on big-time free agents. >> we can feel the good competitive team within the market. and we have a lot more depth to our pitching staff, which to me, is the number 1 key to being competitive. and then we have some young pitchers on the horizon. so we have something to talk about, with our team, as it is constituted. >> reporter: important to nolt, despite no major signings, the
6:55 pm
orioles' player payroll will increase, $20 to $30 million because of arbitration changes that will go to standouts like chris sweeters and johnson. -- chris wieters and johnson. the payout will be $100 million. >> it's a high-dollar business. >> they're looking good.
6:56 pm
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don't miss the cbs primetime lineup tonight at 10:00. elementary. that's it for us tonight at 6:00. >> here's the cbs evening news, with scott pele. and we'll see >> pelley: tonight, would america go to war in syria? the u.s. is spying on the dictator's chemical weapons. there's new intelligence on that and word that syria may be losing its best ally. david martin at the pentagon margaret brennan with hillary clinton, and elizabeth palm wer a rare look inside the war. >> reporter: in the hospital's intensive care unit the men can't speak but their injuries do. >> pelley: today the first state in the nation has legalized marijuana for recreational use, leaving cops and citizens with lots of
6:59 pm
questions. john blackstone clears the air. and what town has the winningest football team in the nation? wyatt andrews takes us to a community on hard times now riding high. >> one two, three. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. whether the u.s. enters the war in syria appears to be up to the dictator b


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